Drag & Opera Festival

The aim of this online festival is to merge the exciting world of opera with the art of drag.


Alexandros Efklidis, artistic director of the Greek National Opera Alternative Stage and stage director
Daglara, fashion designer and drag artist
Jessica Muirhead, soprano
Mary Sunshine, drag artist, actor, singer, director and choreographer
Nandia Kontogeorgi, actress & singer
Yorgos Ziavras, conductor

Application process

Send us an unlisted YouTube video proposal (~2 minutes long) of who your drag persona is and your concept for both categories of the festival. You can either be in drag or out of drag for the proposal.

Application deadline for your proposal: 25.10 17:00 CET.

Ten of the proposals will be chosen by the jury to proceed to the final round of the festival. The finalists will have time till 01.12 17:00 CET to complete and send their final videos for BOTH categories.

The applications are closed! Thank you to all participants!

Category 1: Opera Realness

A video performance of a scene or aria from the operatic repertoire (renaissance to contemporary opera and operetta). The aim here is to tell the story of the piece in your own creative and convincing way. (max 10min)

Choose an aria or scene that speaks to you, learn the text and translation and create a world that represents the story accurately. It doesn´t have to be in period costuming; it can also be a modern approach, but it has to give justice to the piece.

Category 2: Opera Fantasy

A video performance that uses opera or operetta in an experimental way. You can use one or multiple operatic pieces, merge them with modern elements or effects even use your own voice. The aim here is to tell a story of your own. (max 10min)

This category is a challenge of creativity. Using opera as a means create a performance that represents you as an artist. Tell a personal story, send a message to the world, experiment and show us what opera could be in the future through a queer lens.


The ten finalists will compete for the three prizes of the festival:

1st prize — 500€
2nd prize — 300€
3rd prize — 200€

The winning videos will be featured in the social media of the Greek National Opera – Alternative Stage.

Each winner will receive a handmade avant-garde jewelry piece by Vassilis Moralis.


› Don’t worry, you don’t have to sing. It is a lipsync fest.

› Try to choose unexpected pieces (avoid the obvious e.g. Queen of the Night, unless you’re the baddest queen of them all).

› Don’t forget to describe your vision as detailed as possible in your proposal. You can include photos or videos of your past performances to make a stronger case.

› Your performance will be judged in terms of story telling, look, lip-sync precision, makeup, and production. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it has to be creative!

› The videos of the finalists will be posted here on the website and on the YouTube channel of the festival.